linspired creations

My mom is the inspiration and driving force behind my success. 

She grew an abundance of flowers and veggies in our backyard. Growing up, one of my fondest memories is holding a basket while she filled it with fresh flowers. We spend the afternoon choosing a vase from her private collection to arrange them in. No matter if my hands were too small or accidentally snapping a bud off; she never stopped me from creative outlet. Every stem has a place and purpose- she would later said.

I’ve come to love the designing process and constant reminder that every stem, bud, and leaves have their purpose and place.

My greatest aspiration is to show this through my work and for my clients to enjoy. A moment of time and memory, is truly the rarest gift one can find. I hope you can find your purpose through the ever wild flower field. 


Hui, Lead Floral Designer

Mama Lin, The Boss