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Rose color glass...and money?

Finance is a touchy subject to some. Honestly, I rather tell you everything about me, than to give my financials over. It leaves me…feeling naked. It’s so personal. We get it. It is a conversation that needs to happen, since money is the number reason for marital troubles.

Check out this article we found to be helpful to help navigate your financial goals. 

Marriage License and Estate Lawyer?

Although a great majority of newly engaged doesn’t give estate planning a second thought-it is still a good idea to have this discussion. This is crucial to those who own assets, multiple assets, previous marriage, etc. If you are already married, this definitely should be discussed. Check out this article with tips and more information.

Love Language

Learning each other’s love language will help avoid miscommunications and bickering. We can’t guarantee that the trash will be taken out, every time, but we hope it gets taken out 2 out of 3 times. I call that compromise.

The Road to Wedding Planning

You finally found the one. Now, it comes the part of planning the wedding. We find this list to be more comprehensive than most, and it allows for customization. It works for micro weddings to 150+ guests weddings.

The hard part now is trying to convince Aunt Jade she can’t invite her hairdresser of 20 years. 

Dress? Suits?

Court wedding or full thrown wedding throttle, everyone wants to look their best. Part of that is understanding our body. Remember, clothes are meant to fit us, not the other way around. With so many options out there, you can wear a dress or a suit

Positive affirmations: Great Aunt Sally isn’t allow to make unwanted comments.

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